My New Book

"Vicki Butler-Henderson's 100 Sexiest Cars" is my first book and first hit book stores on October 14th 2010. For today's best price go on-line at Amazon.


From the sexiest supercars to the hottest hatches, it's a countdown of my favourite ever cars and the stories of what happened when I drove each of them for TV and on the race track.

There are personal photos throughout, as well as glitzy ones of my century of automobiles and include the Murcielago in which I taught my Mum to drive, my Top Gear test of an Audi TT where I was forced to wear high heels, and the focus of my first crush and his car - Thomas Magnum with his Ferrari 308 GTS.

Then there's three of the worst cars I've ever had misfortune to drive, and a trio of the most unusual too. And the pair of glamorous cover cars - a Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera and Ferrari 599 HGTE.

And of course the book will be the perfect present for everyone who loves cars - no matter what their age! It's on sale in WH Smith and Waterstone's shops, as well as on the Amazon website.

It's a hard-backed glossy book that I really hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it!